FireChat: App which works without Internet suggested for UoH students

, 8:16 PM IST

Students agitating against the suicide of Rohith Vemula have been banned from using the free wi-fi access by the university.

FireChat an amazing App that can help people communicate with each other without internet has been preferred by those students.

This help has been extended to UoH students from their counterparts at Delhi University where the agitation is on full swing.

The App is described accordingly “Public messages are visible by anyone. Private messages are encrypted and can only be seen and read by the sender and the recipient”.

Trevor Jeyaraj said in an FB message to UoH students that, if the net services are shut down, it will be of use as we also use it here some times.

The messages have a range of 70 metres, but can go much beyond this range as a link is created from phone to phone via bluetooth.