First register of pharmacists prepared

First register of pharmacists prepared

The Telangana State Government, after giving a notification for preparation of first register by constituting the Telangana State Pharmacy Registration Tribunal as required under Section 30(1) of the Pharmacy Act 1948, has prepared the first register of the pharmacists.

The first register has been sent for the publication in the Official Gazette which is in the process. Simultaneously the register so prepared is placed in the website of Telangana State Pharmacy Council www.pharmacycouncil.telangana.gov.in so as to enable the entire pharmacy population to verify their names and if any queries are there, may be addressed to the Appellate Authority appointed under Section 30(4) of the Pharmacy Act 1948 vide G.O. Rt. No. 188 dated: 01.03.2017. The above first register is prepared by appointing a date: 15.07.2016 vide G.O. Rt. No. 380 dated: 20.06.2016 and called for those pharmacists who are willing to get registered in the first register


The register is available for 60 days in the public domain for raising any grievance or objections to the appellate Authority Sri. T. Kailasam, Deputy Director, Drugs Control Administration, Hyderabad and or may be communicated through mail at [email protected].


The Registrar and the members of the Telangana State Pharmacy Registration Tribunal requested the concerned pharmacists to utilize the service. (NSS)