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Five crabs named after Thakrey family

Five crabs named after Thakrey family

(By Rashmi) Shiv Sena head Bal Thakrey’s grandson Tejas Thakrey has found a five new rare species of crabs along with his friends Dr SK Patil and Anil Khaire in the Western Ghats. Tejas who is a second year arts student was going to Konkan for finding rare species of snake, but instead they found these crabs. Tejas who had right rare species of snake initially suggested Gubernatoriana rubra because the crabs were red in color.

A crab expert of Zoological Survey of India who confirmed the discovery changed the name to Gubernatoriana Thakreyi because Tejas was the one who discovered it. The other four names of Ghatiana atropurpurea, Ghatiana splendida, Gubernatoriana alcocki and Gubernatoriana Waghi.

The newly found species will be published in Zootala which is an international journal for animal taxonomists.

(The author is an intern at siasat.com)