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Five-year-old boy’s neck slit by kite string

Five-year-old boy’s neck slit by kite string
Mumbai Jan. 08 :- People flying kite's duirng the 26th International Kite Festival organised by Gujarat Tourism at Priyadarshni park in Mumbai on Wednesday. ( pic by Ravindra Zende )

New Delhi:A five-year-old boy was seriously injured when kite string (manja) slashed his neck while he was travelling on a motor cycle with his parents at Vijay Nagar here, police said on Tuesday.

Aryan, son of Raja a resident of Krishna Bagoo colony of Vijay Nagar, received 24 stitches after the kite string slashed his neck on Monday.

No FIR has been registered by victim’s father.

A 48-year-old man had died on the spot at Thakur dwara Fly over with a major portion of his throat sliced by kite string last month.

The matter of the sale of Chinese Kite string which is very dangerous and sharp like surgical blade has come to my knowledge, said District magistrate Nidhi kesrawani.

All the Deputy Superintendents of police and SHO’s have been instructed to ensure a ban on Chinese kite string in the district.

Chinese kite string (manja) coated with powdered glass has been banned by the Delhi government after claiming many lives.