Thursday , March 30 2017
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Flipkart delivery boy replaces 12 iPhones with fake ones

Chennai: Naveen, a 21 years old and based in Chennai Flipkart delivery boy has been arrested for stealing at least 12 iPhones from his employer. Naveen would place an order for an iPhone from the area he services (Washermenpet) and have it delivered to a fake address. He would then replace the iPhone with a Chinese fake and return it to the warehouse claiming that the customer was unsatisfied.

Naveen had been doing this for over a month before Flipkart, noticed the unusual number of returns from that area and launched an investigation. It was then that they discovered the fake phones and the warehouse owner, Vetriselvam, filed a complaint with the police. Following this, Naveen was arrested. The delivery boy was apparently in debt owing to an extravagant lifestyle while in college. All the stolen phones were reportedly recovered by the police and are said to be valued at over Rs 5 lakhs.