IS forces Yazidi girls to undergo virginity tests

, 7:38 AM IST

Baghdad: Several Yazidi girls complaint that they were forced to undergo two-finger virginity test by IS activists. They were kidnapped and were used for rape and torture.

The girls who managed escape from the clutches of IS militants exposed that they had to face horrible situations daily when they were in the captivity of IS. The virginity tests were conducted by Kurdish officials to ascertain whether rape has taken place or not. Human Rights Watch published this report.

Rothna Begum, conducted interviews with several women who were held captives by IS militants. She said that these women needed medical care and counseling which would help them recover from their tortured condition.

Nadia Murad Basee, an Iraqi Yazidi escaped from the clutches of IS militants narrated the story of her kidnap and torture. She said that the sex slaves were sold a number of times to various militants.