Four robbers arrested in Delhi with looted amount

Four robbers arrested in Delhi with looted amount

New Delhi: Four persons who were involved in a series of alleged robberies in different parts of the city, including a snatching of Rs 7 lakh from a factory owner in Rani Bagh, have been arrested with Rs 4.20 lakh of the robbed amount, police said today.

Naveen, Dileep, Amit and Ravi were involved in a case registered on complaint of a factory owner Mohammad Murtaza, at Rani Bagh police station, on January 14, said Milind Dumbere, DCP(north west).

Murtaza reported he was on his way to his factory in Mongolpuri when four men on motorcycles intercepted him and snatched his bag carrying Rs 7 lakh on gunpoint near Haryana Maitri Bhawan, he said.

During investigation police picked up Naveen who admitted his involvement in the robbery and gave up names of his associates who were arrested later from different locations in the city, said the officer.

The robbery involved six men. Two of the accused were keeping eye on the victim and supplied the information to Amit and Dileep. Efforts are being made to trace them and recover reaming amount, he said.

Naveen worked for a businessman and looked after his monetary transactions. He had delivered cash to the victim who was later robbed by gang members Ravi and one of the absconding accused at gunpoint.

During interrogation it was revealed that the six accused had previously committed three more robberies involving loot of Rs 27.40 lakh in Nabi Karim, Rs 25 Lakh near Sarai Rohilla flyover, and Rs 10.10 lakh in Pahar Ganj, in the past two months, added the officer.