France launches app to alert about terror attacks

France launches app to alert about terror attacks

Paris: The French government this week unveiled a smartphone app to alert users about possible terror attacks during the tournament. Called SAIP, the app was developed following the Bataclan attacks in November. It can send alerts to users’ phones less than 15 minutes after an incident is confirmed, tailoring information to the user’s specific geographical location.

Users can share alerts from the app directly on social media. Family and friends can also use the app to check up on their love ones during an attack.

French interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve said SAIP will “keep the public up to date with what we know.” The app is available for free, in French and English, for Android and iOS phones.

The city of Paris initially spoke of the possibility of closing down fan zones, public areas where people can watch the matches on cinema-size screens, but after reassurance from the interior ministry, the city confirmed that fan zones will stay open.