French police arrest man trying to enter hotel with guns

, 11:49 AM IST
A French flag is seen on a window of a building in Paris, France, November 27, 2015 as the French President called on all French citizens to hang the tricolour national flag from their windows on Friday to pay tribute to the victims of the Paris attacks during a national day of homage. REUTERS/Christian Hartmann

London: A 28-year-old man trying to enter a hotel near Disneyland in Paris with two guns in his bag has been arrested by French police.

According to The Guardian, the man was stopped after his bag went through the X-ray machine at the front door.

Police then took him into custody. A French police official said no one had been injured in the incident.

The man said he was carrying the guns because he feared for his safety.

Police said the man was carrying two low-calibre weapons including an automatic hand gun, a box of cartridges and a Qur’an. (ANI)