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“Friendly policing” claims of police exposed: Muslim woman and her daughter called to police station daily

“Friendly policing” claims of police exposed: Muslim woman and her daughter called to police station daily
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Hyderabad: The claim of police for community friendly policing and the exemplary steps taken by the police for the protection of women received a big jolt when an incident of police harassment to a Muslim woman came to limelight recently.

According to the reports, for the past 4 or 5 days, a Muslim woman is being harassed by Sanatnagar Police station. Every day she is asked to report to police station in the morning and she is allowed to go home in the evening as she is suspected to have stolen gold from the house where she was working as house maid. A police official is commissioning her 14-year-old daughter also to the police station every day.

According to the reports, the victim, Hasina alleged that police threatened to kill her and her daughter. She was crying to plead her innocence but police are not paying heed to her statement. Her finger prints were also taken.

She contacted the media persons to vent her grievances. Balahakkula Sangam also reacted severely and contacted the higher police officials. The President of the organization, Mr. Achuta Rao demanded the DGP to take strong note of the attitude of Sanathnagar police station officials.

Hasina Begum is a resident of Sultan Nagar area. She has been working in Mr. Chandrasekhara’s house located at Moti Nagar. After the incident of theft in his house, police are harassing the woman. The woman alleged that Venkat Reddy and S. Krishna, the police officials of Sanathnagar police station are harassing her and her daughter. She says that she is innocent. Every time, she is asked “Where is the Gold?” She says that she is not guilty. She is not permitted to talk to her brothers and objectionable questions are being put to her. The attitude of the police is very shameful.

It may be mentioned that very recently, Commissioner of Cyberabad Police in a statement had instructed the entire police inspectors under his jurisdiction to respect the complainants and to be very careful while interrogation so that police could maintain its credibility with the public. On the one hand, Govt. and police make lofty claims to be friendly with the public but on the other hand, the police officials seem to crush down these values under their feet. Govt. should take serious note of this incident which occurred at Sanathnagar police station and take necessary steps to ensure the security of the woman and her daughter.

–Siasat News