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Frustrated Hyderabadi youth, vandalises cashless ATM centres

Frustrated Hyderabadi youth, vandalises cashless ATM centres

Hyderabad: A polytechnic student named Amir Khan was arrested on Tuesday for damaging glass-panes of two ATM centres at Koti, after the machine failed to dispense cash.

The student also got injury on his right knee and was later arrested by police, where he claimed that he visited nearly 15 ATMs in search of cash after traffic police seized his bike for not paying pending challans.

Amir Khan said, he visited many ATMs but did not get cash anywhere. In frustration he broke glass door of ATM with his knee.

He was visiting ATMs from past two days but was unable to withdraw cash. Today traffic police caught him while he was driving his bike and asked him to pay pending challan of Rs. 1,800, Sultan Bazar inspector P Shiva Shankar Rao said.

He has been arrested on the bases of complaint lodged by the bank representatives, police registered the case against Amir under section 427 (mischief) and section 3 of the Prevention of Damage to Public Property (PDPP) Act 1984.