Functioning of Minorities Welfare Dept. disappointing – Only half budget spent

, 7:53 AM IST

Hyderabad: Budget session of Telangana Assembly started yesterday. If the functioning of Dept. of Minorities is reviewed, it will be noticed that only half of the sanctioned budget has been spent. According to the allocated budget Rs. 1100 crore was provided to this Dept. Later, 50 crore 37 lakh were added but the Dept. of Finance released only Rs. 446 crore. If the budget of Rs. 100 crore for Shaadi Mubarak Scheme is added it would become Rs. 546 crore. According to the records of the Finance Dept. Rs. 413 crore 65 lakh has been spent. If Rs. 100 is added to it, it would become Rs. 513 crore.

It may be mentioned that at the end of financial year 2015-16, the unspent amount would go back to State Treasury. Rs. 100 crore was allocated for scholarship, out of which only Rs. 28 crore 71 lakh has been spent for fees reimbursement Rs. 425 crore was allotted but only 134 crore 41 lakh were released, out of which Rs. 101 crore 4 lakh were spend. For the girls of residential schools Rs. 20 crore was allotted but only 10 crore was released, even this amount was not spent. For bank linked subsidy scheme, Rs. 95 crore was allocated but only Rs. 47 crore 50 lakh was released. Out of Rs. 2 crore allocated for Daratul Maarif of Osmania University, only 1 crore. Out of Rs. 12 crore allotted for Urdu Academy, only Rs. 6 crore was released. For Wakf Board, Rs. 53 crore was allotted but only Rs. 32 crore was released out of which Rs. 25 crore 25 lakh was spent. For Survey Commission of Wakf against Rs. 5 crore only Rs. 2.5 crore was released. Out of Rs. 3 crore allotted for Center For Educational Development for Minorities, Nizam College, OU only half of the amount was released. Out of Rs. 10 crore allocated for Urdu Ghar and Marriage Halls, only 5 crore was released. For Telangana Study Circle a budget of Rs. 6 crore and Rs. 3 crore was released out of which, Rs. 1.5 crore was spent. For best available schools against the budget of Rs. 2.8 crore, only Rs. 1.4 crore was released, even this amount was not spent. For Overseas Scholarship Rs. 25 crore was allocated out of which Rs. 12.5 crore was released and only Rs. 8.77 crore was spent. For the repair of Masjid, Rs. 3.26 crore was allocated but this amount was not spent.

–Siasat News