Thursday , August 24 2017
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Furnish companies GST details to avail benefits in air tickets

New Delhi: Following the implementation of GST with effective from July 1, Airlines will offer benefits to its passengers for furnishing their companies GSTIN details.

Vistara, Air India and Jet Airways have already communicated that ‘GSTIN’ details of their companies will be required to be submitted by the passengers to avail the benefits.

The unique GST identification number is issued to business’s registered under the new tax rule.

According to the sources, Jet Airways reported “It is now mandatory for guests travelling for business to add their company’s GST details at the time of booking. To ensure a seamless experience, we request that you inform your guests travelling for business to register on our portal and claim up to 12 per cent back on flights”.

The GST implementation has replaced the service tax, krishi kalyan cess and swachh bharat cess all over India.

The business houses buying tickets for individuals can avail te GST offer which is 12 percent for first class and higher class whereas 5 percent for economy class.

The process includes submission of the GST details of business houses and airlines, in turn, would generate GST invoice for that particular travel and the same can be used to claim benefits under the new tax rule.

Individuals not furnishing their business house GST details will not be entitled to avail benefits said sources.

Vistara airlines reported “It is not compulsory to provide GST details. GST registration details for your business or company may be optionally provided if a customer wishes to claim input tax credit on the GST paid if travelling for business reasons”.

Passengers will be required to fill-in the GST details on its website to acquire the one-time generated GST invoice for their tickets said Air India.

Jet Airways in its recent communication told that “any bookings for leisure travel will not be entitled to GST benefits”, TOI reported.