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Ganesh image on Indonesia currency note raise eyebrows

Jakarta: Indonesia is a country where Muslims form the majority with 87.5% of the population but you’ll find plenty of Hindu motifs everywhere you look.

For instance, the 20,000 rupiah note in Indonesia has an inscription of Lord Ganesha alongside a picture of Ki Hajar Dewantara in front.

With 3% Hindus, the Muslim majority country carried forward the native believers of Hindu deities and practices.

The reason for engraving Ganesha on the note is because Ganesha is known as a god of education.

Why can’t India be more like that?

Hindus are a minority in Indonesia, just as Muslims are in India. Will India put an Islamic symbol on one of its notes?

While paying a visit to the country, it is a common sight to come across statues of Lord Krishna, Ghatotkach and Arjuna.

Senior BJP leader and Former Deputy PM of India, L K Advani during his trip to Indonesia in July 2010 was left awestruck because of the pride bestowed upon Hinduism by Muslim majority country.

On his return to India, Advani wrote a blog titled “Hindu influence in Indonesia” on 17th July, 2010 and concluded the write up with the following words, “Indonesia, I must say, seemed to know and cherish Ramayana and Mahabharata better than we (Indians) do.”

Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim nation chooses a Hindu goddess as its embassy’s symbol. Why?

Will India choose healthy respect for the Muslim minority ?.

No, because it speaks volumes about the country’s respect for religious freedom.

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