Ganga-Jamuna civilization of the country is being destroyed – Tameer-e-Millat

Ganga-Jamuna civilization of the country is being destroyed – Tameer-e-Millat

Hyderabad: It seems that BJP Govt. is gradually taking the country in a different directions. It is slowly destroying the Ganga-Jamuna Civilization of the country. Today all the minorities are facing fear psychosis. Everywhere anti-social elements are indulging in violent activities. The incident which occurred in MP had the support of the BJP Govt. to cow vigilantes.

If it was beef, action should have been taken as per rules. Under the pretext of cow meat, the miscreants are taking law into their hands and those who are supposed to be the protectors of law are keeping quiet. It has now been proved that it was not cow meat but it was buffalo’s meat. It is the responsibility of the Govt. to take stern action against the miscreants.

General Secretary of Tameer-e-Millat in a press statement issued yesterday told that it will now every one would get liberty to attack Dalits and Muslims under the pretext of beef eating and name it as Gow Raksha.

Govt. issues a statement every now and then to conceal its failures. Sometimes, it issues a statement in favour of the Muslims and also resorts to atrocities in the name of protecting the cow. If the Govt. has got love to save the cow, it show ban the export of beef immediately. If the Govt. does not control the miscreants it will lose faith of Minorities.

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