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German court ban on sex with animals

German court ban on sex with animals

Berlin – A man and a woman, approached Germany’s highest court and alleged that a law which is passed in 2013 against bestiality violated their “right to sexual self-determination”.

They said that they “feel sexually attracted to animals” and said the court to consider
whether the existing rules are unconstitutional.

Germany’s constitutional court threw out a challenge against a ban on bestiality on Thursday and said that protecting animal welfare by seeking to prevent them being the victim of sexual assaults was a legitimate aim of the law – which remains unchanged. “The complaint is unfounded,” the constitutional court ruled.

Germany’s animal protection law forbids any sex acts with animals or supplying animals to others for any variation of sexual intercourse. They also set out fines of up to €25,000 ($27,700; £19,000) for forcing animals to participate in what is termed as unnatural behaviour.