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Germany: Thousands of protesters take to street against the G-20 summit

Germany: Thousands of protesters take to street against the G-20 summit

Germany: People in Germany have taken to streets to protest against the two –day G20 summit which will be discussing capitalism, climate policies and globalization.

Thousands of people have taken to the streets of Germany’s Hamburg city to protest against capitalism, climate policies and globalization among other issues as world leaders gather for the two-day G20 summit.

The ongoing protest in Germany’s Hamburg city on Friday involved clashes between the officers and the Demonstrators in nearby neighborhoods, which forced the Hamburg Police to ask for an additional police force to contain the situation.

According to the official sources about 20,000 police officers were already on duty for the two-day summit.

The leaders of the world’s top economies from across the globe have gathered for the two-day summit to discuss issues related to climate change and other major issues.

The protest saw activists burn down the patrolling cars other vehicles this Friday morning while the riot police used water cannons and pepper spray against the protestors.

According to the sources, more than 100,000 people will march across Hamburg protesting the summit on Friday and Saturday.

“There are so many issues involved politically in the G20 summit,” David charter from Al Jazeera, reporting from Hamburg.

“They are against the globalist capitalist system, they are against Trump’s attempts to pull out of the climate change accords. They’re essentially protesting every single issue that’s going to be raised in this G20 summit” he added.

James Bays whose also reporting for Al –Jazeera, highlighting the summit’s most important meeting between two leaders are the bilateral talks between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

He said both the leaders have “important issues to discuss, particularly Ukraine, but also issue of Syria where it is believed that there may be a new initiative coming from Russia and the US to try to get the political track moving and to try to get some stabilization zones around Syria”.

According to the sources, protestors have also blocked the route of US First Lady Melania Trump on Friday following which US Frist Lady’s convoy was not given clearance said a spokesperson at the White House.

Some people want the G20 summit to be dissolved so that all the major discussions take place at the United Nations, reported sources.