Sunday , August 20 2017
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GHMC elections – TRS forms committee to nominate candidates

Hyderabad: President of TRS, Mr. KCR constituted a committee with Dr. K. Keshav Rao as its Chairman to select candidates for GHMC elections. In order to maintain transparency and impartiality, Mr. KCR has not nominated any minister or leader belonging to Hyderabad city. The other members of the committee are: Mr. D. Srinivas, Advisor to Govt. Mr. K. Sri Hari, Dy. CM, Mr. KTR, IT Minister and A. Indira Karan Reddy. This committee will nominate candidates for GHMC elections by conducting internal survey and negotiations. MPs, MLAs and other important TRS Leaders belonging to Hyderabad will be consulted in the selection of candidates. KCR has instructed the committee to select the candidates with full transparency.

It is reported that two different surveys were conducted to find out the candidates in each municipal division who could be successful in the elections. These reports have been submitted to Mr. KCR. Ministers and Peoples’ Representatives have been instructed to refrain from recommending any candidates. The candidates would be selected on the basis of survey. However, at the time of finalization of the names of the candidates, Ministers belonging to Hyderabad City would be consulted. Sources closed to CM indicated that CM has almost finalized the list of candidates in consultation with his close confidants.

–Siasat News