Tuesday , August 22 2017
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GHMC Mayor seeks Cabinet Rank?

Newly elected GHMC Mayor Bonthu Ram Mohan has reportedly sought the status of Cabinet Rank.

According to sources, the new GHMC Mayor and also Deputy Mayor Baba Fasiuddin have reportedly furnished a long wish list to the officials seeking various facilities. Both of them want their security to be scaled up through deployment of additional gunmen. They want their vehicles to be replaced with new Fortuners. They also want the corporation to bear other expenses, including lunch for nearly 50 persons, whenever they attend office. Although no demand has been made in writing, but they enquired with the higher officials on the facilities they are entitled to as the Mayor and Deputy Mayor.

The officials reportedly told the Mayor and Deputy Mayor that there not entitled to most of the demands that they have raised. However, they said those facilities could be given if they get clearance from the State Government. However, a senior official said such queries were common from leaders who get elected to the top posts. He said most of the queries are raised out of curiosity and to get a sense of empowerment.

Presently, the GHMC Mayor is entitled to a monthly salary of nearly Rs. 50,000 while Deputy Mayor get about Rs. 25,000. The Corporators get Rs. 6,000 salary per month and none of them are entitled for Sitting Allowance. (INN)