Sunday , August 20 2017
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Ghouse Nagar residents have faith in Allah

‘I sell guava on push cart and this plot was purchased by the hard earned money of my little children which is being snatched away from us’ this was the reaction of a poor vendor after the announcement of another demolition activity at Ghouse Nagar. Every resident of Ghouse Nagar has a tragic tale to tell, how they managed to purchase the land with their limited resources and now government missionary is gearing up to demolish their houses and leave them without shelter. They have faith in Allah that He will do justice to them. They question to the government that if the land is to construct houses for poor, are not they poor who had purchased land by saving pennies? However the victims of conspiracy of police and land mafia have strong faith in Allah.

The poor elderly vendor and his neighbours told that if their houses have to be bulldozed; the bulldozer has to first pass on their bodies. They asked the Tahsildar what revenue officials were doing for the past 10 years? Where were they when the plotting was being done on the land and electricity wires and roads were being laid?

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