Sunday , August 20 2017
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Giant crocodile predicts Australian PM’s victory

Sydney: Australian giant reptile Burt, a five-metre-long (16.4-foot-long) saltwater crocodile aged more than 80 years, took his time to choose between Turnbull and Labor opposition leader Bill Shorten. Images of the two leaders were hung off ropes above a pool where the croc was swimming, with a chunk of fish attached below each of the photos.

Shockingly, the reptile after thinking for 6 minutes leapt onto Turnbull’s image predicting the winner aptly. Turnbull, who heads the ruling Liberal-National coalition, on Thursday told the local Northern Territory News voters should “side with Burt… and choose your Country Liberal candidate”.

The poll on Saturday is tipped to be a close race between Turnbull and Shorten.