This girl sets an example, felicitated 75 teachers on her Wedding eve

, 4:50 PM IST

In a exemplary move, 22-year old MCA girl felicitated all her teachers from college to primary school on her wedding eve.

Nishad Banu act of honouring the teachers who made her, what she is today is worth praising.

Nishad Banu who married on January 10 is a resident of Haldharu village, about 25 km of Surat city. In an attempt to encourage youngsters of her village to pursue higher education, Nishad banu decided to utilize the money in facilitating instead of spending on feast and other extravagant expenses.

In all, 75 retired teachers and other people from the village were felicitated with memento and shawl. Number of young students from the village who have completed higher education were also honored.

Nishad Banu’s family also donated Rs 10 lakh to schools where Nishad completed her primary and secondary education. Nishad’s husband Rameez approved of her wish and too joined the function on Thursday along with his family.

“In our village, levels of education is very low. My father too wants everyone to be educated. So, we have decide to the money on felicitating those who taught me from nursery to MCA”, said Nishad.