Monday , August 21 2017
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Glance Mmedia Technologies launches curation service in Hindi App

New Delhi: Glance Mmedia Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a bootstrapped technology start-up from Delhi, has launched a comprehensive Hindi app for discovering curated information.

The app, which provides users a mix of information discovery, aggregation and curation backed by machine learning to enhance relevance to users, has crossed over 20,000 downloads in a month since its launch.

In addition to a streamlined interface and intuitive user experience, it also showcases original content developed by their in-house team. Glance envisions providing users the right information at the right time, in the language of their choice.

On an average, a user checks his or her phone about 150 times a day, the top activities being Social media, Messaging, Playing games, Reading news, Watching videos, Shopping online and Booking tickets. It is common to witness almost everyone in all public places checking their cell phones.

To help people optimise their time, two former Google employees and a Harvard graduate launched Glance, with a view to ensure that the app becomes a one-stop for all information needs of users, arranged according to their interest and habits.

Commenting on the launch, Rohit Sakunia, Co-founder, Glance said: “Current offerings in the market provide one-size-fits-all aggregated feeds of content. That’s where we intend to innovate and view ourselves as an information discovery and curation service. We help users discover personalised information backed by machine learning.”

“Our current offering is on Android phones through which we offer short-form content to our users on a freemium model. We have started with curating and creating content in Hindi, and will soon be expanding into English and other Indian languages,” Sakunia added.

Rajneil Kamath, Co-Founder said: “We have launched version 1 of the app with Hindi content and are working on adding more features that truly make it an information discovery app that keeps a user updated always and that saves time for everyone”.

India has 350 million internet users, with six million getting added every month, and a large majority accessing the internet through the mobile. 120 million+ users speak English, but the rest want to use the internet in regional languages. These numbers indicate the opportunity and the gap, and therefore Glance launched a platform starting with Hindi, the mother-tongue of the most number of people in the country. (ANI)