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Goa CM Parikar says ‘No shortage of beef supply’

Goa CM Parikar says ‘No shortage of beef supply’

New Delhi: Manohar Parrikar Goa CM while addressing the Assembly on Tuesday said that he will ensure the state will not fall short of beef supply.

While speaking in the Goa Assembly, CM Parrikar said: “We have not closed the option of getting meat from Belgaum (in Karnataka) or some other place to ensure that there is no shortage.” “I can assure the inspection of beef, coming from neighbouring states, will be done by proper doctors or those authorized for it”.

He also said around 2,000 kg of beef was slaughtered on daily basis in the Goa’s only legal slaughterhouse, the Goa Meat Complex, at Ponda.

“The rest (of the beef demand) is met by Karnataka” Parrikar added.

He further said “The government does not have any intention to restrict bringing animals for slaughter at the Goa Meat Complex from the neighbouring state”.

However, his speech was not welcomed by the Assembly with Congress MP Rajiv Shukla making fun saying such a remark from a BJP CM is hilarious.

“BJP CM of Goa saying there won’t be a shortage of beef in the state is hilarious and ironical,” he told to sources.

Beef is widely consumed across Goa.