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Gogoi brands Modi as PM without ‘courtesy’

Gogoi brands Modi as PM without ‘courtesy’

Sarihajan (Assam) : A day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi accused Assam Chief Minister of betraying the people of the state, Tarun Gogoi on Monday said that he has never seen a Prime Minister who does not have any courtesy for his leaders.

“In order to cover his failures he is diverting attention. What has he done in two years? I have never seen a Prime Minister telling only lies, lies, lies and lowering dignity of PM chair. He is mocking me, attacking me and saying ‘go go go’, he has no courtesy, violating Indian culture, disrespecting his own leaders. He doesn’t respect anyone; he doesn’t even recognise his own wife,” Gogoi told ANI here.

Responding to a question posed on the ongoing political turmoil in Uttarakhand, Gogoi accused Prime Minister Modi of being a dictator.

“He ( Narendra Modi) wants to rule all states. We will not allow it to happen in Assam. We have promised development to the people of Assam. What we had said was about what we did and what we are going to do. Our first agenda is job creation and how the education system can be changed. Without overruling the education system it will not work. They have not gone through our manifesto,” he added.

He also alleged that the Prime Minister Modi wanted to topple him through Bharatiya Janata Party leader Himanta Biswa Sharma before election by spending thousand and hundreds of crores.

PM Modi, during his public rallies in Assam on Saturday and Sunday, had brought up the issue of Gogoi’s age, saying, “Gogoiji, in a few years you will be 90 years. You are my elder. I come to Assam to pranam (respect) you and not fight with you.”

Modi who was addressing a election rally in Tinsukia on Saturday said that his fight is not against Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi but against poverty and under development of Assam.(ANI)