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With gold, roses, Saudi family arranges a farewell for maid


Riyadh: From Ethiopian, she went to Saudi Arabia to work as a housemaid and the family for whom she worked for four years described her as a role model of loyalty and dedication.

Citing personal reasons, she finally had to go back home. The Saudi family arranged a farewell party in the presence of a number of friends and their relatives who all recognize the value of her good manners and fine treatment of everyone.

Um Mufleh Al-Balawi, the housewife, said addressing the housemaid: “You have served our family with sincerity and dedication. We wished so much that you could spend many more years with us,” as per Saudi Gazette reports.

“You have left behind a good impression about expatriate housemaids who are keen to make a honorable living in the Kingdom,” she said.

In appreciations of her kind doing, the maid was showered with gifts, including gold, money and roses. “This was in appreciation of what she has done for us,” Al-Balawi said.

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