Good if Indo-US relations continue in strength: WH

Good if Indo-US relations continue in strength: WH
A man holds the flags of India and the U.S. while people take part in the 35th India Day Parade in New York August 16, 2015. REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz

Washington: The White House has said that the India-US relations have gained strength during President Barack Obama’s regime and hoped it would continue with the same momentum in the Donald Trump Administration.

“I know that President Obama speaks to his counterparts as heads of state frequently. Prime Minister (of India) Modi is one that he enjoys speaking with. They touch base regularly,” White House Deputy Press Secretary Eric Schultz told reporters yesterday.

“So it’s a good thing for the United States if that relationship continues in some strength,” he said.

Schultz was responding to a question on remarks made by President-elect Donald Trump before the elections in which he called for a string India-US relationship.

“I don’t know who can tell you about the future, but I think we’ll leave it to historians to judge the contours of the relationship between the United States and India. Obviously, the president is enormously proud of his record of working closely with Prime Minister Modi,” he said.

“They’ve worked together on a number of projects, most recently the Paris agreement, that a lot of the work that went into that, again was a deal brokered between nearly 200 countries, but India was a vital part of that.

“And that could not have been done without Prime Minister Modi’s leadership,” Schultz said.