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Goodwill ambassador gives required push to players to do well: Salman

Goodwill ambassador gives required push to players to do well: Salman

New Delhi : Salman Khan, who has been selected as the Goodwill Ambassador for the Indian contingent at Rio Olympics 2016, feels that a Goodwill ambassador is the one who pushes the players from back to do something well.

“To me Goodwill ambassador is a person who pushes you from back. It associates some amount of respect, which make the players feel enthusiastic about playing well and get medals for the country. This is the respect I am hoping to achieve,” he said.

When the 50-year-old actor was asked about Tripura based 22-year-old Dipa Karmakar, who has become the first Indian to qualify for the Olympics in gymnastics, he said, that if “we were given right equipment and proper coaching, where we can go.”

“With very little knowledge, grooming and equipment, she has come to this level. She is qualified for the Olympics. So this is what we people are. Just imagine, if we were given right equipments and proper coaching, where we can go,” he added.

Rio Olympics is scheduled to commence on August 5 and end on August 21.

The Olympic torch has been lit in southern Greece, kicking off the countdown to Rio 2016 on April 21.

In a solemn and elaborate ceremony worthy of a “Game of Thrones” pageant, women in ancient-Greek style dresses and men in tunics performed symbolic rituals at the site of Ancient Olympia.

After its sprint through Greece, the torch will travel to Brazil on April 27 to begin a 95-day tour visiting 83 cities, 26 state capitals and 500 towns, reaching an estimated 90 percent of the population. (ANI)