Governor Narasimhan likely to be shifted to New Delhi

Governor Narasimhan likely to be shifted to New Delhi

Hyderabad: After the meeting of Mr. ESL Narasimhan, Governor of Telangana and AP with the President of India, Ram Nath Kovind, rumours are making rounds that he is likely to be given important responsibilities in New Delhi.

Former UPA Govt. had nominated Mr. Narasimhan as the Governor of AP at a time when the Telangana Movement was at its peak. There were apprehensions about the disruption of law and order situation in the State. In such a situation, Mr. Narasimhan was given this responsibility. During his tenure of office as Governor, the bifurcation of the State took place and he was retained as the Governor for both the States.

After the change of Government in the Center in 2014, Governors of many states were changed but the Central Govt. retained the services of Mr. Narasimhan. Now that his tenure of office is coming to an end, Govt. of India is seriously considering entrusting him with the responsibilities of Security Advisor since the tenure of office of the present Security Advisor is coming to an end. Mr. Narasimhan’s record as police officer has been marvellous. He is known as a disciplined and law abiding officer. It is therefore, being considered to entrust him with the responsibilities of Security Advisor.

Certain sections of Central Govt. are also speculating that Mr. Narasimhan could be appointed as Governor of Jammu and Kashmir. His past experience could be utilized for creating better relations of the State with the Center.

–Siasat News