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Govt. ignorant of Wakf Board decisions – Collision between Wakf Board and Govt. may arise

Hyderabad: A situation of collision may arise between Govt. of Telangana and Wakf Board. It is reported that after the formation of Wakf Board on 23rd February, four meetings were held and nearly 200 resolutions were passed but Govt. was not informed about them.

As per rules, it is the duty of Wakf Board to keep the Govt. informed about the decisions taken at its meetings. Since CEO is the representative of the Govt., it is his duty to keep the Govt. abreast of the latest information. Govt. has the power to review the decisions taken by the board.

It is reported that Wakf Board took certain decisions which could be controversial were taken by the Board. It is found that some members of the board are putting hurdles in furnishing the details to the Govt. According to the Wakf Act, the first authority to cancel any decision of the board rests with the CEO. He can refer the matter to Govt. for cancellation of any decision.

Due to the ignorance of the rules and regulations, the officials of Wakf Board are not in a position to act as per rules. A specific group is influencing the decisions taken on the board. In the past two meetings, certain decisions were taken for which Govt. may object.

Mr. M.A. Mannan Farooqui, CEO of Wakf Board has instructed the subordinate officials to furnish the details of decisions so that they could be sent to Secretary, Dept. of Minorities Welfare. It is reported that the subordinate officials are deliberately delaying the matter since they have an affinity to some members of the Board.

Whenever the reports of the decisions taken in the four past meetings of the Wakf Board are sent to Govt., the meticulous review would be made. The decisions taken by the board may create a collision between Govt. in which case, Govt. would be forced to terminate Wakf Board as it happened in 2004.

It is mentioned that the nominated members of Govt. complained that exploiting the situation of ignorance of the rules and regulations, certain members are forcing the board to take decisions without caring for the laws.

–Siasat News