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Govt. Must do more for Northeast people: Oscar Fernandez

Govt. Must do more for Northeast people: Oscar Fernandez

New Delhi: A large number of people from Northeast region are staying in different metropolitan cities of our country like Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Mumbai in search for better education and career opportunities.
Several people from the Northeast states coming here often complained of discrimination.

Recently, a senior Congress leader, Oscar Fernandez held an interaction with students, leaders, and social activists from the Northeast region enquired whether they were getting fair treatment with regard to water supply quality, billing of electricity, fair price on rent and proper sanitation.

“We are aware of the difficulties which are faced by the northeast people living in the metropolitan cities. However, any problem faced by the people from the region, immediately will be able to talk to the concern. Such issues has been going on, when we had our government we were able to take the measures. So whatever the problems are there, you can bring it to our notice, we’ll try to attend to that” said by Fernandez.

He gave an assurance to the Northeast people to find a solution either from the government or the DoNER ministry.

“I have come here to listen to their problems. We have been able to build a hostel for the girls in the DU, will be having hostels in both the campuses in Delhi. And if I know that there are students interested in going for technical education, we will try to provide them technical education also in Delhi. Housing we are aware of it, we will see through the state governments or from the DoNER ministry whether we can find some place for rehabilitating them in those areas” Fernandez told ANI.

Many people from the northeast expressed their concerns and appealed to the government to look into the issues and provide them better job opportunities.

“I have been staying in Delhi for the past three years and I am a student. And as a North- easterner, living in Delhi has been one of the greatest challenges. But as long as we live here in Delhi, we want to live, as it is our second home” added Raingam Zimik, a student from the Northeast

At the same time, youngsters from the region want the people from mainland to take a step forward and consider them as one of them.

Also, people from the Northeast have expressed the essentials of their voting rights and appealed the government to extend voting rights to all.

“When coming to Delhi with such dreams, hopes and they are unable to achieve those visions, they are discourage disheartened and feel abandoned and as a result resort to alcohol and drugs. So, we have several concerns. We also want the government to initiate steps where we can have voting rights here in Delhi”, added by Leishiwon.

“As we stay here in metropolitan city, we also feel like that we need security as we are also citizens of India. So we feel that whatever the government is doing, they should give us a priority, a privilege to be a part of them so that we can work together hand inhand and push our country ahead”, Ahibo from Nagaland told ANI. (ANI)