Govt. of Telangana failed to fulfill its promises – CPI (M)

Govt. of Telangana failed to fulfill its promises – CPI (M)

Hyderabad: Govt. of Telangana failed to fulfill its election promises and it is also afraid of delegating powers to local bodies. This was expressed by Mr. N. Srinivas, Secretary, Greater Hyderabad Central Committee of CPI (M) during a press conference held yesterday. He alleged TRS Govt. that it had promised to sanctioned Rs. 240 crore to empower GHMC but by allocating Rs. 11.85 crore, it has proved that TRS Govt. is not interested in empowering the civic body.

Mr. Srinivas also disclosed that previous Govt. had taken a decision to collect various taxes by the State Govt. and had given a promise that 95% of the income so collected would be given to GHMC but it was not done so. In the State budget for 2015-16, State Govt. allocated Rs. 378 crore but only Rs. 12 crore was released in this way, Govt. ridiculed GHMC and deprived the citizen of Hyderabad of development. Mr. Srinivas further told that taxes collected by GHMC should not be transferred to other Departments like RTC etc. by doing so Govt. made an attempt to save RTC. It is not fair to do so.

There are many areas in Hyderabad and Secunderabad where the income is maximum but the budget allocated for those areas are very minimum. He asked the elected representatives of GHMC whether they would raise their voice against these injustices in order to fulfill their responsibilities.

The CPI (M) leader heavily criticized the Govt. for neglecting GHMC in the State budget. He further said that by terrifying the opposition, Govt. is engaged in fulfilling its interest. It is therefore necessary for the elected representatives to raise their voice for increasing the budget of GHMC.

–Siasat News