Govt working on protocol for differently-abled children

Govt working on protocol for differently-abled children

New Delhi: HRD minister Smriti Irani today said the government is working on a protocol which will help the parents in getting assistance for their differently-abled children in the field of education.

“The NCERT, in association with the Ministry of Social Justice, is working on creation of a protocol that would list the measures which parents want to empower their differently-abled children through education and what assistance they can get,” Irani said.

She also said that it has been ensured that all teachers get a training to teach such children.

“Already 3 lakh teachers have been been given the training,” Irani said during an interaction on Twitter.

During the interaction, Irani also narrated an instance where she had put a students grievance related to fellowships before an official of the education department who continued to be dismissive.

Ultimately, she said, she had to tell the official that it was her own sister.

The minister also elaborated about the measures taken by the government to streamline the process related to disbursal of scholarships and fellowships.

She claimed that after coming to power, the NDA government had received around one lakh grievances of which 99 per cent have been addressed.