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This is all a grand plan : Renuka Chowdhary on Supreme Court decision

This is all a grand plan : Renuka Chowdhary on Supreme Court decision

New Delhi : Congress leader Renuka Chowdhary today hit back on BJP after Supreme Court said that President rule will continue till Apr 29.

Renuka said,”Does it look surprising, well I am not surprised. This is all part of grand plan. They can postpone, they can delay. But the truth will prevail. At the end of the day Uttarakhand is congress”

The Supreme Court on Wednesday put on hold till further orders the floor test for the Harish Rawat government in the Uttarakhand assembly on April 29 as directed by the High Court.

The next hearing is slated for May 3.

Asking the Centre to justify the imposition of President’s rule in Uttarakhand, the Supreme Court posed seven questions to the government.

The apex court sought to know whether the Governor could have sent a message in the present manner under Article175 (2) to conduct a floor test and if delay in the floor test can be a ground for the proclamation of President’s rule in the state.

The apex court also sought to know whether disqualification of MLAs by the Uttarakhand Speaker is a relevant issue for the purpose of imposing President’s rule under Article 356 and proceedings in the Uttarakhand assembly can be taken note of by the President for imposing his rule.

The apex court further asked the Centre as to what the stage of Appropriation Bill is and when President’s rule comes into the picture with regards to the Appropriation Bill.

“Conventionally if a money bill is failed, the government goes, but who is to say money bill hasn’t been passed if Speaker doesn’t say so? Whether the Governor can ask the Speaker for division of votes as both are constitutional authorities,” the apex court sought to know.

The Uttarakhand High Court had earlier this month set aside President’s rule in the state while restoring deposed chief minister Harish Rawat. (ANI)