Wednesday , August 23 2017
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Watch: Hindutva thugs thrash Muslim youths, force them to abuse Allah, chant ‘Jai Shri Ram’!

Surat: A shocking video of self-proclaimed custodians of Hindu culture and Hindutva ideology, brutalising Muslims, has created furore online. The video shows several men thrashing and terrorising what appears to be two Muslim youths, who are seen cowering in a corner. The goons are shown slapping the youths repeatedly, forcing them to chant ‘Jai Shri Ram’ and abuse Allah, using the choicest Hindi cuss words. The chilling video was uploaded by a Twitter user Gaurav Pandhi on Monday. Pandhi tweeted directly to the Twitter handle of Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh, imploring him to act against the goons.

According to the Janta Ka Reporter, the man seen in the video is Amit Singh Rathod. Rathod is seen slapping the hapless Muslim youths, and is joined in by his associates, one of who is also recording the video in question. All the thugs are seen having a laugh by driving the youths to humilation, by forving them to abuse their own God, while chanting praises of Hindu Gods. At one point, Rathod is heard asking, “Ayodhya mein kya banegaa (What will be built in Ayodhya?)” Another man is heard prompting, “Say Ram Mandir. Say Ram Mandir, or we’ll beat you up.”

The video was also uploaded on Facebook by Pratik Sinha, who also runs the website

Sinha wrote on Facebook, “This is the face of Hindutva Terror. Extremely explicit language. Watch with care. (Anyone who abuses in the comments section will be banned).” The video is extremely graphic in nature and has use of explicit and extremely derogatory and blasphemous language. The workers were seen being forced to vacate a rented quarter in Godadara area by a man who identified himself as Amit Singh Rathore. He abused them and forced them to strip. The youths were also being beaten up by other youths, alongwith Rathore. Rathore has been arrested.