Gulen associated companies raided in Turkey

Gulen associated companies raided in Turkey

Turkey: Turkey Police raided 44 companies which are said to be associated with Gulen Movement. Police had arrest warrants of 120 administrative officers of these companies. It is alleged that these companies have provide funding to benami holding companies in Turkey.

It may be mentioned that after the unsuccessful military coup, more than 35000 persons were arrested and a large number of officials belonging to judiciary and education have been suspended. Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan has alleged Fatehullah Gulen has established a network of schools, business organization and charitable institutions in order to intervene in Govt. institutions through them and to establish a parallel structure to control the country. He had taken a vow that the financial contacts of these institutions would be discontinued. He had termed them as the nests of terrorism.

It may be mentioned that the president of Turkey had sealed Islamic Bank of Asia before the coup and other organizations alleging that they are funding Gulen’s movement.

–Siasat News