Gulzar Vani, Ph.D. scholar exonerated from terrorist charges after 16 years

, 8:28 AM IST

Mumbai: Addl. Sessions Court of Agra exonerated a Kashmiri Ph.D. scholar Gulzar Vani from the charges of terrorist activities. According to Mr. Gulzar Azmi, Chairman of Legal Aid Committtee of Jamiatul Ulema of Maharashtra told that a bomb explosion took place in a house located at Sadar Bazar of Agra on 9th August 2000. Security forces arrested Gulzar Vani on the charges of hatching a conspiracy for the preparation of bombs in Agra.

Police registered 11 cases against him. In 10 cases he was exonerated and the 11th case is being heard in Barabanki court.

Police had registered cases against him under sections 120, 121,121-A, 122 and 123 accusing him of possession explosive material. Police failed to prove any these charges during the past 16 year. Police also could not prove that he was associated with “Harkatul Jihad” and “Harkatul Mujahideed”