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Gurgaon has the World’s Longest vada pav. For real!

Gurgaon has the World’s Longest vada pav. For real!

Gurgaon: Some challenges are totally worth it, and when it comes to vada pav, the sky is the limit. You might think ‘how many vada pav can you eat in a minute’ is a tough challenge, but 25 people in Gurgaon just proved that there are bigger dares you can take up, and accomplish.

Nukkadwala, a chain of restaurants that is well-known for selling authentic Indian street food varieties, decided to mark the very special occasion of World Vada Pav Day by creating the World’s Longest Vada Pav. The event took place yesterday, at Vatika Business Park, Sector 49, Gurgaon.

It took three days to prepare for the final assembly of this 145 feet-long edible wonder. The final plating was done in a record time of three hours yesterday. Over 2,500 people attended this event, and finally feasted on the vada pav. Of course, there was more than enough to go around!

Gaurav Bhalla, Managing Director, Nukkadwala, said: “I think we take our street food like Vada Pav for granted. We wanted people to know about the World Vada Pav Day, so we decided to celebrate it in our very own unique Nukkadwala style.”

Bhalla also confirmed that their grand vada pav success is being considered for Limca Book of Records’ 2018 edition. Vada pav is a popular street food from Maharashtra, and many restaurants and cafes across the country sell their adaptations of the dish as well.

While Nukkadwala will continue selling street food varieties like vada pav, and the Gujarati dabeli among other delectable goodies, we hope more people take up challenges like these to celebrate food.

With inputs from IANS.