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Guru of ‘Band Baja Baraat’ theft gang arrested in Delhi

Guru of ‘Band Baja Baraat’ theft gang arrested in Delhi

New Delhi: The Delhi Police was successful in nabbing the guru of the ‘band baja baraat gang’ behind numerous thefts at weddings on Saturday.

The guru, Raka trained minor children to carry out the robbery at weddings across Delhi, was recently arrested after a businessman from Delhi reported the theft of his bag on June 19.

He was reported to be involved in various thefts at weddings including bag- lifting at marriage functions held at farmhouses and sometimes even five-star hotels.

The Police recovered cash amounting to Rs 4 lakh, jewelry made up of gold and silver and also gifts worth of Rs 8 lakhs.

Manoj Choudhary, Delhi-based businessman reported the theft that occurred at his daughter’s wedding function. He complained that his green colour briefcase containing gold and silver jewelry, cash, an expensive wrist watch, which was given by the guests at the wedding to the bride, were all stolen from the wedding place at Kamya Palace, Bijwasan.

Surendra Kumar, DCP southwest, talking about the investigation said “The incident was found to be captured in the CCTV cameras installed at the venue. The available video footage were thoroughly analysed and sources at various farmhouses and hotels were asked to gather intelligence about the movement of the suspects. On analyzing the CCTV footage and video recordings of the venue it was revealed that three people including two juveniles were involved in this theft.”

He continued, “It has also been revealed that the crime was committed by suspects after spending considerable time at the venue and making themselves familiar and comfortable. They were never in a hurry, had their dinner at the party and patiently waited for the opportune time to strike. They even dressed like those attending the wedding party” adding to that, DCP said, “They then targeted the briefcase kept next to the bride and groom believed to have all the expensive articles including cash and quickly vanished from the scene.”

The Police believe these gangs belong to Madhya Pradesh and that they target weddings planned at farmhouses, banquet halls even hotels, HT reported.