Thursday , July 27 2017
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Gutha has no right to criticize Uttam: leaders

Stating that Nalgonda MP Gutha Sukhender Reddy has no right to criticize TPCC Chief N Uttam Kumar Reddy, TPCC general secretaries H Venugopal, Premlal, Vinod Reddy have alleged that Gutta allegations against party leaders Uttam Kumar Reddy and Komatireddy Venkat Reddy shows Gutha’s low level politics.

In a note released on Wednesday, general secretaries said that Uttam worked for the sake of nation and joined politics to serve the people. They alleged that Gutha Sukhender Reddy will stay without power. They said that it was not proper to Gutha to join in enemy party instead of correcting the mistakes committing by the party leaders if Gutha feels like a senior leader. They alleged that Gutha changed three political parties like chameleon and now chanting scriptures like a devil.

They alleged Gutha joined TRS party for the sake of contracts and for corrupt money. They questioned Gutha, who described the leaders changed their loyalties to other political parties as political prostitutes, has to tell what to say about his change of political party. The people would teach a fitting lesson to Gutha, who turned as a care of address to selfish politics, in an appropriate time. They have thrown a challenge to Gutha to contest the election by tendering his resignation to his MP position if he really have public support.  (NSS)