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Guwahati boy contracts HIV virus through blood transfusion

Guwahati boy contracts HIV virus through blood transfusion

Guwahati: A three and a half years old boy, who is being treated for burn injuries at Gauhati Medical College and Hospital (GMCH), has been allegedly contracted HIV virus through blood transfusion.

The boy, a son of a daily wage earner from Kamrup district, was admitted to GMCH with 40 percent burn injuries in April last year.

“The boy was discharged from the hospital in October 2015. During his treatment, 10-12 operations took place and multiple blood transfusions were done from our internal blood bank,” GMCH Superintendent Babul K. Bezbaruah told ANI.

On March 29, the child was again admitted for further operations, he added.

“Before operation, when we tested his blood on March 31, he appeared to be infected with HIV virus,” said Bezbaruah, adding the hospital did not have any information of the child for the last six months till he was readmitted.

He declined to confirm if the virus was infected after taking blood from the hospital’s blood bank as both parents do not suffer from the disease.

“We have formed a five-member committee to look into the incident. Only after a thorough inquiry, we will be able to tell anything in this regard,” said Bezbaruah.

GMCH Superintendent, however, claimed there is an open wound in his leg and the inquiry committee will look into the possibility of contracting the virus through it.

The doctors have already operated the child on April 28 for burn-related injury and one more operation is due, Bezbaruah said. (ANI)