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Gym before breaking fast, suggest experts

Courtesy: DC

Hyderabad: As Ramadan are near, for those who take their health seriously are advised to plan well and stick to a proper exercise regime for the holy month. Working out is beneficial from 9 am to 11 am, for those who dehydrate themselves quickly. On the other hand, going in for a workout of 30 minutes before iftar would be better from not doing so at all.

“Since the body’s glycogen reserves are depleted during a workout, it would be better that they are replenished sooner than later, by eating fruits and drinking plenty of water. This can be done after iftar,” said M.A. Lateef, a gym trainer and dietician, as reported by DC.

Md. Nazeer Ahmed had further added that “those who are new to the sport have a lot of doubts on they can maintain their workout regime while fasting. If they want to lose fat and gain muscles, there is no better time than Ramadan, since the fat stored in the body will be used in carrying out our daily chores.”

Whereas, Sweta who is a nutritionist said, working out in Ramadan is the best option, but, most people hesitate of doing so since they fear to get dehydrated. She advised them not to worry on this score. “One thing that every bodybuilder should keep in mind is that they should not binge on high-calorie foods like haleem etc. At the end of the day, if they binge, there is no use of lifting those extra weights,” she added.