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Hajj House lacks maintenance

Hajj House lacks maintenance

Hajj House at Nampally is the hub of minority institutions but authorities are not paying attention to its maintenance. They have also disregarded the directions of Deputy Chief Minister and high officials regarding proper maintenance of the Hajj House building. Two lifts of the Hajj House are not working for the past one week but have not been repaired. Waqf Board is responsible for care and maintenance of the Hajj House. A separate department was also formed for this purpose.

Water entered into the lift area after the heavy rain that occurred last week resulting in short circuit. Hence both the lifts were closed. Several important offices are located in that particular area of the building where these lifts are located. It seems that authorities don’t care for the hardships people are going through without lift.

Repeated representations were made reminding the authorities about the dysfunctional lifts and lack of cleanliness in the building but in vain.

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