Saturday , August 19 2017
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Hamid Mohammed Khan raises questions on Bhopal Police Encounter

Hyderabad: Ameer of Jamat-e-Islami, Mr. Hamid Mohammed Khan told that the fake encounter of Bhopal jail is very tragic. It raises questions on State administration. He was addressing a press conference yesterday. He said that the encounter would be treated fake so long as high level investigations are not completed. He demanded inquiry from a sitting judge of Supreme Court so that truth could be exposed. The question is after escape why did they remain assembled at one place and why did they run towards a barren land? How is it that police was able to find out their whereabouts in such a short time? Police could not get any weapons from them and in such a case why did they not arrest them? How was the encounter executed in such a short time?

Mr. Khan expressed his anxiety and said that this fake encounter is raising many questions. Treating it as a political issue is to divert the attention from the main issue. It is also not that if investigations are started, it would amount to demoralization of police. It is a attempt to avoid self introspection which is dangerous attitude for any democratic country.

He recalled that in the same manner, Khalid Mujahid was killed in Lucknow jail, Qateel Siddiqui in Maharashtra Jail and Mohammed Vikhar was killed during Police detention. Last year also seven persons were killed in an encounter in Telangana. Such incidents affect the system of justice and create suspicions in the minds of people on police and judiciary which are harmful for the country. He questioned that are our jails are so insecure that prisoners can escape easily? If this is the case, Govt. should take necessary steps not to repeat such incidents in the future.

–Siasat News