Saturday , October 15 2016
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Hand over the Aqsa Mosque to Palestinians

.E.Adnan AbuAlhaijaa


H.E.Adnan AbuAlhaijaa Ambassador of Palestine,H.E.Hassan E El Talib Ambassador of Sudan,H.E.Jamal Abdulla Al Hag Ambassador of Yeman,H.E.Hassan Mahmoud Mohammed Al Jawarneh Ambassador of Jordan,Maulana Dr.Syed Irishad Ahmed Bukhari Saheb(Bangladesh),Maulana Mohammed Faroog Ul Qadri(London),Prof.Shaik Ghulam Rasool Hami Saheb(Jammu & Kashmir) Maulana Mohammed Roh Ul Ameen(Madhya Pradesh) and Syed Vicaruddin Indo-Arab League Hyderabad chairman and others holds their hand in support of the Palestinian people and demands to hand over Masjid al-Aqsa  to the Palestinian people of during a Massive Public meeting (international Bayt al-Maqdis  conference) jointly organized by Indo-Arab League Hyderabad and All India Rahmate Alam committee at Chanchalguda junior College last night.

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