Friday , July 28 2017
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Harish asks Warangal voters to choose water or wine

Hyderabad: Irrigation and Marketing Minister T Harish Rao today exhorted the Warangal voters to elect the TRS to power in the forthcoming civic body elections for development.
During his election campaigning in the city, Harish Rao lashed out at the Opposition parties for luring the voters with money and wine and making false criticism on the ruling party. The people should judge whether they want wine and Rs 1000 to cast a vote or they want double bedroom houses and safe drinking waters forever, Harish asserted. He also said that the TRS candidate will get a double bedroom house in the city will serve the people on being voted to power.
Harish Rao wooed the people with all projects and development works to be taken up as the government announced 15000 double bedroom houses for the city and Rs 300 cr allocated for development. We will launch Mission Bhagiratha soon to provide safe drinking waters to the every household soon. From April onwards the government will implement Kalyanlakshmi scheme to help the girls for marriage he said. The opposition parties cannot convince the people for votes as the Congress failed to develop the state and country. He also took a jibe at the Congress for not delivering the goods to the people from street to Delhi level though being at helm of affairs. The people seeking growth will sure support the ruling party, he added.(NSS)