Tuesday , August 22 2017
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Harmony, unity tolerance DNA of India, says Naqvi

Thrissur/Kochi: Harmony, unity and tolerance is the DNA of India and ‘USP’ of India’s ancient and rich cultural heritage, Minister of State for Minority affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said here today.

He stated this while inaugurating ‘Buon Natale’, the largest gathering of Santa Claus, a Christmas procession, amid a huge gathering of people from all walks of life in Thrissur.

Naqvi said India’s centuries old history is proof that its people had always defeated those forces who wanted to disturb it’s rich culture.

Buon Natale celebrations,in connection with Christmas and New Year, are being organised by the Thrissur Archdiocese.

Naqvi said that despite religious and cultural diversity, the spirit of social harmony, unity and tolerance has been strengthened for several centuries which has maintained India’s DNA of ‘Unity in Diversity’.

Naqvi, also MoS for Parliamentary affairs, said it had been reaching out directly to people of these communities through ‘Sadbhav Samagam’,’Progress Panchayat and ‘Hunar Haat’ and strengthening the feeling of trust and development among them.

He urged the people to judge the Narendra Modi Government through its works and not through ‘misinformation propaganda’ started by some people against the government.

Naqvi said India is the best example for the world in relation with communal and social harmony, unity and tolerance and also protecting rights of the Minorities.

“India is the champion of social harmony and ensuring Minorities’ rights. India’s cultural harmony is the password of social harmony. Social harmony can’t be ensured without cultural harmony,” he said.

Even with various languages, religions, regions and cultural traditions, the country is united only because of its cultural harmony, whose special feature is unity in diversity, he said

Naqvi said that cultural harmony not only saves us from religious narrow-mindedness and confrontation; it also strengthens the fabric of social harmony.

“We have to protect and strengthen this fabric of social harmony, unity and tolerance at any cost.Every religion, every region, every culture and every community will have to move forward together to make India an example of social unity for the entire world,” he said.

Lauding Andrews Thazhath, Archbishop of Thrissur diocese and “Buon Natale”, he said this function is a gathering which promotes social harmony and unity, tolerance and brotherhood.

Buon Natale” has already entered Guinness World Records as the largest gathering of people dressed up as Santa Claus.

Earlier today, Naqvi met George Alencherry, Cardinal and Major Arch Bishop of Diocese of Ernakulam at Kochi and discussed various issues concerned to the Christian community.

He said the Modi Government has been making honest effort to provide light of development to all sections of society.

Naqvi assured that no “destructive agenda” will be allowed to dominate our “development agenda”.