Tuesday , August 22 2017
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HC judgment for separate Shia Wakf Board reached Minorities Welfare Dept.

Hyderabad: Secretary of the Dept. of Minorities Welfare of Telangana State, Mr. Syed Omer Jaleel confirmed that Advocate General of Telangana has sent the judgment pronounced by the honorable High Court of Hyderabad recently for the formation of separate Shia Wakf Board. He said that although, this judgment will not be a hindrance for the formation of Telangana Wakf Board, the Govt. has to take a final decision in this regard. Govt. of Telangana will not constitute Wakf Board till this decision is taken.

Mr. Syed Omer Jaleel also told that Govt. will verify the details of 11056 Shia properties registered in Wakf Board. He informed that many Ashurkhanas are functioning under the control of Sunnis. He mentioned that Bibi ka Alam is under the management of Sunnis. All these details would be furnished to Central Govt. since Govt. of India is the only competent authority for the bifurcation of Wakf Board. He pointed out that UP is the only State wherein separate Shia Wakf Board exists. He mentioned that the petitioner had contended that separate Shia Wakf Board could be constituted if there are 15% or more Wakf properties exists in any State whereas there are 33% Wakf properties in Telangana State.

It may be mentioned that Justice A.V. Sesha Sai of Hyderabad High Court had issued notices to Chief Secretary and Secretary, Dept. of Minorities Welfare instructing them to take a decision within 6 weeks. He mentioned that the demand for the constitution of separate Shia Wakf Board was also raised earlier but the previous Governments did not consider it necessary.

–Siasat News