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Healthenablr adds a novel feature of ‘Well Communities’ to its online platform

Healthenablr adds a novel feature of ‘Well Communities’ to its online platform

New Delhi : To assist in informed decision-making in terms of healthcare and medical assistance, data-driven tele-medicine platform Healthenablr has introduced a brand new feature ‘Well Communities’, on its existing online platform.

The feature segregates healthcare and wellness through specified groups dedicated to a varied choice of topics, ranging from infertility and cancer to skin-care and fitness. The platform allows both doctors and patient’s participation wherein users can get advice as well as post their queries on their preferred groups and directly book an appointment with the doctor answering their query via the see this doctor button.

“Visiting a doctor is usually expensive when you have no idea about a health plan. Learning about your health conditions not only educates you but can also help in making informed decisions regarding whether or not to seek medical attention,” said CEO and Co-founder Healthenablr, Bamasish Paul.

“As only a trusted source can be relied upon to dispense medical advice, our Well Community feature ensures that patients can get their queries answered by other patients in the same group and access expert opinions from doctors on our network,” added Bamasish Paul.

On the platform, users can find communities related to alternative healing, fitness and diet, skin and hair, cosmetic treatment, child’s health, mental wellbeing, sexual health, pain management, digestive disorder, pregnancy, parenting, infertility, Thyroid disorders, allergies, diabetes, heart ailments, fractures and back pain, cancer and dental issues.

Once the answers are discussed, the platform also allows the users to directly book an appointment with the doctor who answers their query in the groups via the see this doctor button.

Currently operating in a full-fledged way in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Bangalore, Healthenablr aims to expand in more cities with 30,000 verified doctors by the end of this year and eventually spread Pan-India with a vision of becoming the best in the healthcare ecosystem across the globe. (ANI)