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Heavy rain spell ends with light snow, in valley

Heavy rain spell ends with light snow, in valley After 3 days of heavy rain in valley including summer capital experienced fresh snowfall , bring down the temperature, & remains cutt off from rest of the india, After the end of winter , in the beginning of summer nearly after 3 decades kashmir received snowfall in this way , while high altitude areas like GULMERG, PHELGAM, SADNA TOP, received more snowfall than other low lying areas , air as well as road traffic moment has completely disrupted with this uneven snowfall,.


In valley chilikalan( 40 days period) is considered the harsh period of winter, in which heavy snowfall & extreme cold is expected even it’s said that Chilikalan can freeze the boiling water but this year valley witnessed dry durring this period, sun keep its continous presence during these days which reduced the use of winter equipments, like, fire pot ( Kangri) heaters & other things among people, Second time valley remained dry during the winter session, which poses a threat to the backbone of valley that is fruit business, the unprecedented perception has caused a worry among those associated with fruit industry , because it’s said that warm weather may lead early premature flowering in plants which is not a good sign but after flowering stage whether should be quite warm for the healthy growth of buds but the unexpected, uneven snowfall decreased the temperature which is another threat to fruit industry ,while talking to a fruit farmer from north kashmir MOHD MAQBOOL KHAJA told me that due to dry spell of whether people start early spraying to there orchards which may be dangerous to business, but early spraying is because of early flowering, but another threat to business is down temperature.

The j&k government own economic survey has termed climate change as a domicile a sword hanging over the agriculture , over 50% of the apples produced in the valley are of low quality because of uneven unexpected snowfall in the valley

Sajad Ahmed lone